About Us

Plans are nothing. Planning is everything

We have been loyally serving our customers for over a decade! Euphoria was born out of a pastime for Jess; where creating great scenescapes at the local parties was an important hobby that engaged her innate creative wisdom. She began, along with 2 friends, by designing and planning events for family and friends. Following raving reviews from guests, Jess was gradually receiving requests to plan and manage diverse events across Dallas – solo.

Our team of professionals understands that event management involves studying the intricacies of each event, devising the appropriate event concept, planning the logistics, and coordinating the technical aspects before actually executing the modalities of the proposed event. At Euphoria we pursue an integrated approach to ensure that our clients enjoy our high quality services and products on a consistent basis.

We follow a unique approach to event management that is founded in the recognition that no two clients are the same; and we approach each project as a customized entity that delivers the ultimate experience.

Our Philosophy

We aim not to simply deliver a product; but rather to deliver an extraordinary holistic experience.

Our Vision

To emerge from the position of local event planning service to an admired trans-regional transformative leader in creating value out of our customers’ high expectations of honoring the important milestones in their lives.

Our Mission

To nurture the human experience by offering a customer-centric service that thrives in the delighted guest – one event at a time!

``The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate`` - Oprah Winfrey

About The Founder

Jesca (Jess) Mukora-Tembo was born in the beautiful southern African nation of Zimbabwe and draws from that nourishing experience in her work. While the published African account has largely been about strife; she proudly sketches her ideas from the wonderful aspects of her upbringing that make her such a unique leader in progressive event planning. She often speaks of the concept of an event being an opportunity to serve as an incubator for compassion in our society.

Her access to the lush natural environment abroad kindles her love for flowers and the care for spaces she works in. A woman of deep intellectual and spiritual acumen, Jess harbors the essence of a place that is known across time for its sophisticated musicology and an honest regard for celebration of life all along the way. She is honored to be living the American dream and is committed to making a lifelong contribution to the broader global immigrant narrative. People often desire to chronicle chapters of their life and Jess feels that her work is in service to others who have a story to tell one event at a time.  

Jess is a certified Wedding & Event Planner from Lovegevity Wedding Planning Institute. She holds 2 bachelors degrees, BAS in Computer Information Systems and BBS in Management Information Systems from Dallas Baptist University and an MBA with a concentration in Project Management from Dallas Baptist University. She lives in St Paul TX with her husband and 2 sons where she is regularly surrounded by the love and laughter of her family and friends. Jess holds a belief that her life’s purpose is to make a meaningful difference in how people honor the special occasions in their journey. She has been  Owner and Creative Director of Euphoria Event Planning & Management since she founded the business 6 years ago and has been helping plan events since she was 12years old. This venture is a deep personal pursuit and she is happiest when she is involved in creating a magical event for a client.  As she often says, “My smile is my logo and how others feel after an encounter with me is my constant and authentic trademark”. Indeed, we celebrate this brave and remarkable advocate for celebration of life.

Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated– Osho